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Added the step "cd into scrumblr distribution directory."

Added a workaround line for express in package.json
Added line about firewall b/c the person I set up scrumblr for knew enough to compile software, but not about modifying firewalls.
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@@ -41,11 +41,13 @@ how to install and run on your own computer (linux/osx)
- install redis v2.2.2
- install node.js >= 0.4.7
-- install npm
+- install npm
+- cd to the scrumblr directory; you should see server.js and config.js and other files.
- run `npm install`
+- If you get errors about express, you may need to change in package.json to have "express": ">=2.4.x",
- run redis `redis-server`
-- run scrumblr `node server.js 80` where "80" is the port you want it to run on.
+- run scrumblr `node server.js 80` where "80" is the port you have opened in your firewall and want scrumblr to run on.
+- open a browser to `http://localhost:80` where "80" is the port you chose in the previous step.

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