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Added missing method for mongodb #35

merged 1 commit into from Jan 3, 2012

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I've noticed that getBoardSize and setBoardSize where missing for mongodb.

@aliasaria aliasaria merged commit 033050e into aliasaria:master Jan 3, 2012
Waateur commented Jun 12, 2012

Which driver mongodb do you use ? i have an error ligne 167 lib/data/mongo.js{name:room})
TypeError: Cannot call method 'findOne' of undefined

And I think it's from the driver :/


I've just tried and it works, MongoDB 1.8.1 (it's a little bit older I know.. :-) ) ..

Have you changed config.js for mongo connection? You're running mongo on the right port?

Waateur commented Jun 12, 2012

The mongo connection is fine, I only have a trouble when i resize the board. But post-it and column are nicely saved :D . I think i found a typo and sent a pull request about it but it still doesn't work properly.

    if(items.length == 1) return callback(null, items[0]);  

It's seems like it's about args give to the findOne function or something like that.
I'm using mongoDB 2.0.5 and drivers from npm mongodb 1.0.1

I will continue looking for the problem :) Thanks for answering :)

Waateur commented Jun 12, 2012

Found what was wrong for me :) as written in my first message there was a mistake on ligne 167 (s missing) but this ligne is useless. I just removed it and everything is fine now :)
Thank you again :)
and by the way Really nice program.


I was trying updating MongoDB to 2.0.1 .. :-) for you ... looking at code now.. you're right it's useless!! back to work... bye!!!

Waateur commented Jun 12, 2012

thank's again :)
bye =)

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