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GraphScope v0.2.0

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@sighingnow sighingnow released this 02 Feb 10:20
· 1109 commits to main since this release

The GraphScope team is pleased to announce the 0.2.0 release after two-months development.
The 0.2.0 release is focused on better getting started experience for end-users and we have
make a lot of improvements in since the last minor release.

We highlights the following improvements included in this releases:

  1. Better Kubernetes integration: supported LoadBalancer service type and a volumes parameter for graphscope.session() to mount users data into worker pods.
  2. Enhancement for interactive query: added a InteractiveQuery.traversal_source() method for better gremlin experience.
  3. Better I/O and serialization support: started to support various I/O and graph serialization/deserialization.

We thanks everyone in the graphscope team as well as the community for make graphscope better. We highlight the following commits that involved in this release:


  • [f0abbbf5]: add tutorials. (#117) (Jingbo Xu)
  • [33b7e975]: fix compile app with string oid graph, add a simple test (#120) (Siyuan Zhang)
  • [3bc97d93]: Add module string. (#121) (Siyuan Zhang)
  • [2693c128]: Fixes the global property graph stream for subgraph. (#118) (Tao He)
  • [30022c9d]: unify the local k8s cluster setup tool with kind (#116) (Weibin Zeng)
  • [512a5b8a]: Requires vineyard-io, and drop the copy hack. (#115) (Tao He)
  • [c63c25fd]: serialize and deserialize (#103) (Siyuan Zhang)
  • [adb15111, 995f2237]: Update (Wenyuan Yu)
  • [b421e880]: Fix passing zookeeper memory to etcd (#111) (DongZe Li)
  • [6865c1b5]: Check os compatibility and dependencies version in (#99) (Weibin Zeng)
  • [e2854d10]: Change session status to disconnected when grpc failed to coordinator (#105) (DongZe Li)
  • [d16ff635]: enable create session from an endpoint (#101) (Weibin Zeng)
  • [3c298899]: Make GraphScope support ResourceQuota limit in namespace (#102) (DongZe Li)
  • [2250fc47]: Parameterized k8s volume mount in session config (#100) (DongZe Li)
  • [1d2a5417]: Fix loading from streams when there's worker that receives no chunks (#98) (Tao He)
  • [5699613f]: Fix bug: delete permissions after deleting all resources. (#97) (DongZe Li)
  • [2695b653]: Try to read namespace from kube config when missing k8s_namesapce param (#95) (DongZe Li)
  • [aeca19db]: Add I/O support for aws s3. (#91) (Siyuan Zhang)
  • [f67e7e20]: Update (#87) (Jingbo Xu)
  • [cc16d6a9]: remove useless dependency (#84) (shirly121)
  • [99d6e46c]: Update badges for docs. (#85) (Jingbo Xu)
  • [ac4c1e2b]: Upgrade vineyard to v0.1.5. (#73) (Tao He)
  • [9e9d37e7]: add app kshell (#66) (Yongmin Hu)
  • [78404adc]: Update badge in docs. (#79) (Jingbo Xu)
  • [924af133]: Update graphlearn submodule for fixing the closing client issue (#77) (Weibin Zeng)
  • [53636b23]: Add Chinese docs for GraphScope (#67) (Jingbo Xu)
  • [dcd081de]: Fix cross-reference links in GIE docs (#74) (yyy)
  • [0915a56f]: [BUGFIX] Expose the correct external IP of GIE. (#69) (DongZe Li)
  • [26d256f4]: Initial version of the Chinese docs for GIE (#68) (yyy)
  • [97f41adf]: Render zh_CN docs under docs/zh/ directory, and add the language selector. (#61) (Tao He)
  • [5c9a2224]: Fixed the version at the time of releasing the pip package. (#49) (DongZe Li)
  • [39e39850]: Extend gremlin pod expose to load-balancer (#45) (shirly121)
  • [12de77c0]: Move session params show_log and log_level as a global configuration. (#42) (DongZe Li)
  • [595d1c7e]: combine prepare_env scripts into one (#38) (Weibin Zeng)
  • [46ab90a9]: Enforce vineyard version to find. (#39) (Tao He)
  • [e21d946b]: Support bytecode-based requests for interactive engine (#36) (Siyuan Zhang)
  • [b46a0683]: Add: provide configurable parameters for connecting to remote k8s.(#37) (#40) (
  • [dd2a58ac]: Fixes license info in pypi package ( (#34) (Tao He)
  • [7725f766]: Fix release image step: checkout code first before building and pushing image (#31) (Siyuan Zhang)
  • [8fd52b4e]: Migrate CI to GitHub runners. (#21) (Siyuan Zhang)
  • [d28c6631]: Wait etcd ready before launching vineyard container. (#23) (Tao He)
  • [69f401ed]: Add load balance service type (#24) (DongZe Li)
  • [edc0b0ed]: check docker is running or not in (#17) (Weibin Zeng)