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@sczyh30 sczyh30 released this Dec 14, 2018 · 285 commits to master since this release

This is a significant milestone version that provides cluster flow control feature.

Note: The cluster flow control module requires JDK 1.7 or later versions.

Features / Enhancements

  • Add cluster flow control interface and default implementation (#257, #294)
    • Add basic token client and server interface in Sentinel Core
    • Add cluster common module for common interface, entity and registry
    • Add cluster client module for default token client implementation (using Netty as transport library)
    • Add cluster server module for default token server implementation
    • Add basic cluster config and rule management mechanism
    • Support flexible transformation of cluster mode (between client and embedded server)
    • Add basic support for cluster mode in Sentinel dashboard (#302)
  • Add prioritized entry support in ProcessorSlot and SphU (#255)
  • Add "warmup with rate limiting" implementation for traffic shaping (#220)
  • Add HTTP-method level flow control support in Sentinel Web Servlet Filter (#282, @ro9er)
  • Add client ip property in transport common module to resolve ip problem in Docker env (#261, @nick-tan)
  • Optimize the click sensitivity of dashboard's sidebar menu (#268, @cdfive)
  • Extract annotation support base class for customized AOP extensions (#223, #214, @bitonly)
  • Extract flow rule checker from FlowRule (#234)
  • Improve log info and condition about fetching metrics in Sentinel dashboard (#219, @xcaspar)

Bug fixes

  • Fix padding issue of charts in monitoring page of Sentinel dashboard (fixes #251, @cdfive)
  • Support parameters in entry of Sentinel annotation support to enable parameter flow control
  • Support automatic exception tracing in Sentinel annotation support

Thanks for the contributors: @bitonly, @canglang1973, @cdfive, @nick-tan, @ro9er, @xcaspar

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