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Support Version

1.2.10 and later



public class SerializeConfig {
	public void addFilter(Class<?> clazz, SerializeFilter filter);


public class ClassNameFilterTest extends TestCase {
    public void test_filter() throws Exception {
        NameFilter upcaseNameFilter = new NameFilter() {
            public String process(Object object, String name, Object value) {
                return name.toUpperCase();
        SerializeConfig.getGlobalInstance() //
                       .addFilter(A.class, upcaseNameFilter);
        Assert.assertEquals("{\"ID\":0}", JSON.toJSONString(new A()));
        Assert.assertEquals("{\"id\":0}", JSON.toJSONString(new B()));

    public static class A {
        public int id;

    public static class B {
        public int id;
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