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  • 对大 Cell 的自定义实现
  • 要素和 Component 类似,不一样的地方是 Adapter 的视图部分返回的是一个 ListAdapter
  • 示例代码
class CommentAdapter extends Adapter<CommentState> {
        : super(
            adapter: buildCommentAdapter,
            effect: buildCommentEffect(),
            reducer: buildCommentReducer(),

ListAdapter buildCommentAdapter(CommentState state, Dispatch dispatch, ViewService service) {
    final List<IndexedWidgetBuilder> builders = Collections.compact(<IndexedWidgetBuilder>[]
    ..add((BuildContext buildContext, int index) =>
        _buildDetailCommentHeader(state, dispatch, service))
    ..addAll(_buildCommentViewList(state, dispatch, service))
        ? (BuildContext buildContext, int index) =>
            _buildDetailCommentEmpty(state.itemInfo, dispatch)
        : null)
    ..add(state.commentListRes?.getHasMore() == true
        ? (BuildContext buildContext, int index) => _buildLoadMore(dispatch)
        : null));
    return ListAdapter(
    (BuildContext buildContext, int index) =>
        builders[index](buildContext, index),

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