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Releases: alibaba/git-repo-go

git-repo 0.7.8

19 Nov 06:02
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0.7.8 (2021-11-19)

  • arm64: native Apple Silicon (M1) support to Mac builds
  • sshinfo: check response of ssh_info for bad hostname
  • ci: remove azure-pipeline, use github-action instead
  • Setup githb action
  • test: turn off git advice and warnings
  • After load manifests, check and fixup missing attrs
  • sync: check published ref if has --check-published option
  • sync: clean obsolete mirror repositories
  • sync: remove obsolete gitdir if obsolete project deleted
  • init: do not init repo with InitByLink for mirror
  • sync: refactor: move UpdateProjectList() to workspace
  • sync: instead of removing obsolete projects, show instructions
Filename SHA-256
git-repo-0.7.8-Linux-32.tar.gz fe9828bdc4a0ef298535121fef36d62b897b47217c9c419084a7c4838e864a64
git-repo-0.7.8-Linux-64.tar.gz 92fe06087dea70d34e4cf62786b2bf58f51a47407a89775825a006b80acf0dc3
git-repo-0.7.8-macOS-64.tar.gz 8e5d1656bfc43ac5a88895f6e8149769099dfd71d59660e233ace926f6e938fe
git-repo-0.7.8-macOS-arm64.tar.gz 1b73d6abe145cdac7513acff8fc1783204880306483da1b3bd5ac9e4d4c4938f b2eda9cd23034a5fc80a9c053ee574492f07a3a52e487b84a7d299adcb763e5c fed6b48b04ca8495eab66fd647eb3a26989d24782435083972755fb55e6ed191

git-repo 0.7.7

15 Dec 07:57
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0.7.7 (2020-12-15)


  • sync: Set default tracking branch even for fixed revision

  • upload: do not upload fixed revision if not changed

  • helper: add new field pushurl in ssh-info

  • project: default use pushurl defined in manifest file instead of ssh_info resp

  • workspace: show error if review is undefined for remote

  • test: result of Variant() may change on different env

  • manifest: Merge duplicate fields if attribute override is true

  • ssh-info api: add new field review_ref

    Add new member field review_ref in ssh_info API. When downloading
    a review, return the reference name by parsing the pattern defined in
    review_ref of ssh_info.

Bugfix and style:

  • Bug: do not set push.default for repository
  • upload: create parent dir for cache of upload-options
  • upload: fix warning of redundant type
Filename SHA-256
git-repo-0.7.7-Linux-32.tar.gz 6abdd07ebb444cea75e394963513cbb92afd245e5d80e7f809276631e8bdbd33
git-repo-0.7.7-Linux-64.tar.gz ce2932a897e6c42796d5f0bc2ddd4406a92f4878cb1d1de62662ba55a35b59e5
git-repo-0.7.7-macOS-64.tar.gz 607f621594f1527bbb857849e7b40f1dc75d587e665894ebd0e841bf25af6b94 404d4315ef42128d14e82febb7912db8b35cd45566fb322036e7f47008164ede 3b0dbb1aa8370f59f77968b4cb1ac794952c34e85c2ec1f3780e02e97ddb2158

git-repo 0.7.6

13 Oct 09:10
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0.7.6 (2020-10-13)


  • Add http proxy support in command git-repo upgrade
  • Fix http proxy support for API call of ssh-info


  • go 1.15 compatible issue: not add rune with int
Filename SHA-256
git-repo-0.7.6-Linux-32.tar.gz 04705a11c314d249595c42a682d4bb176d7e9a2904076484b840ca1f638de19c
git-repo-0.7.6-Linux-64.tar.gz 523feeeea0cb65769ad881d0bc08ab1e6ecf9a1cbeb06acacc407ab8961ee47a
git-repo-0.7.6-macOS-32.tar.gz 0bf536a9d626f6395238e86288e5dbb6d15cfbbd558d7596d2d897b9c6b5a3e5
git-repo-0.7.6-macOS-64.tar.gz b2d11133de94badbce34ea3e738dfd4c949bc9819f0c918be8700c3e9248c8fa f79afd6e658e49ca5540049241e38827dcd0e2dbc9f4c7bac7be5d2a205be275 55952d53eae833fead90fb4719e60f262cd9b7b8648d2f4e669311fa42f5d77d

git-repo 0.7.5

08 Sep 11:18
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0.7.5 (2020-09-08)


  • Support using http proxy when access ssh_info API
  • prune: drop branches without a tracking branch
  • start: not setup tracking branch for immutable rev


  • bugfix: close project.list file before rename
  • Transfer repository from aliyun to alibaba
Filename SHA-256
git-repo-0.7.5-Linux-32.tar.gz 2281ba86050c0001abda1741ae3cedec59489b7006ed76771087fa256006170b
git-repo-0.7.5-Linux-64.tar.gz 5531d43aae801cde8894039180bfd1a36f49a6196d107580d463ccbbf7a04684
git-repo-0.7.5-macOS-32.tar.gz 820d717ec2bd997b2c88b95e26f87fc53b35b9bcd2857fb5036271f65dcc24e0
git-repo-0.7.5-macOS-64.tar.gz f19d8452faa99aed225461aa216440f27d6438764c97c0ac4c69e14f05adb1c5 631dddca301ae7c344b90ce3e16ced3680acbc607e60fb0aefbe73333096b406 0c77820b1fffdc9aa7bb8151b9ac3a90a31787c6f3352c09a4c0e582d625dffd

git-repo 0.7.4

03 Mar 14:41
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0.7.4 (2020-03-03)

  • To prevent wrong flag for OpenFile, use new file package
  • fix: config example file is not completely overwritten
  • Set proper Revision for manifest project
  • sync: remove unused and unsafe code
  • init: detach manifests project for immutable revision
  • init: when switch manifest branch, use hard reset
  • ssh-info: run ssh_info once for the same hosts
Filename SHA-256
git-repo-0.7.4-Linux-32.tar.gz 36f46a59fb1f8861f8098e4170ba83bf53258d88c93a0138a43d7edc231fb3ab
git-repo-0.7.4-Linux-64.tar.gz 08078c90533af979de346c979105d914287ccd4362b4bc3906d78a4b46eaa3b4
git-repo-0.7.4-macOS-32.tar.gz 0d88a77df1a8ff9fb5703d5c12e6dbacee4ec89036baabb810474d451cfeae43
git-repo-0.7.4-macOS-64.tar.gz f4d59e5ebc4c0602b54b898858c31da3d84c778f24a2311b74da0e33e878a044 a0d84fcf4b39650bc883f5acba1b5d2da4699ba78cb0b84c9295a43d19b2aeb0 4643770be3c0150e620099fda49f6ebd25e93f2fef2c8a0607a8e5482d5fb543

git-repo (fixed windows version)

13 Jan 12:25
Choose a tag to compare (2020-01-13)

  • Windows: fix wrong URL for repos of a manifest project.
Filename SHA-256 817752e1d3547d25028f04314a6727b8 41c07db86dc8884ab44fd6668c5de98c

git-repo 0.7.3

11 Jan 00:21
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git-repo 0.7.3 Pre-release

0.7.3 (2020-01-11)

  • The first release on
  • upgrade: download and install tar.gz/zip package
  • README: how to use git-repo
  • upload: confirm all upload tasks if no editor defined
  • editor: search editor from candidates
  • editor: work with editor path with spaces in git-bash
  • upgrade: get program path using os.Executable
  • test: fixed test cases for Linux
Filename SHA-256
git-repo-0.7.3-Linux-32.tar.gz ae3f6f8042ed08b22758210acd2a903aecb4effdb809746dd6197dd9682e6354
git-repo-0.7.3-Linux-64.tar.gz cc56dbab934d45ccbd1229eea1372fd28927a53fa3154bf80b2fa978da2aea15
git-repo-0.7.3-macOS-32.tar.gz 927dc600953460fda5651932e48b14c161c5a5e5c3f7afefb75c73f4057fab69
git-repo-0.7.3-macOS-64.tar.gz 7b83f89de185157e16927f248bf6e86ad06dcf7a81ed3f15fce25e12a1746582