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Automation solution for multi-platform. 多端自动化解决方案
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Macaca is an open-source automation solution for multi-platform.

Macaca Core

At its core, Macaca is an end-to-end test automation framework consisting of clients, servers and drivers.


Macaca doesn't limit what languages you will use to write your tests. You can choose to write your tests in Node.js, Java or Python, using respective clients:


Macaca's core is a REST API web server. It connects with clients, listens for requesting, and executes request commands on a mobile device, and a desktop browser, responses with results conforming HTTP response protocol.

The beauty of a client/server architecture is that REST API and W3C WebDriver Wire Protocol opens the opportunities that test codes can be written any common languages, as long as it has a http client API. On the other hand, the server can be on a different machine, or in cloud.


Macaca is "cross-platform". It means you can use the same API to write test scripts, and same test scripts to test your apps running on devices such as iOS, Android or desktops. To achieve this, we have drivers for different platforms:

Macaca supports major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari. It also supports electron environment.

Native, Mobile, Hybrid

  1. Native means apps written with iOS or android SDKs.
  2. Mobile web means apps written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and displayed via a mobile device browser such as Safari, Chrome or Webview in iOS and android.
  3. Hybrid is apps created by webview in native app.
  4. Web means apps written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Macaca Community Ecosystem

Macaca DataHub

Macaca DataHub

Macaca DataHub is a continuous data provider for development, testing, staging and production.


Macaca Reliable

Reliable is a testing management suite with continuous delivery support.


NoSmoke is a cross platform UI crawler which generate and execute UI test cases.

App Inspector

App-inspector is a mobile UI viewer in browser. View the UI in a tree view, and generate XPath automatically.

Macaca UITest

Macaca UITest runs mocha in a browser environment.

Macaca Reporter

Macaca Reporter is a reporter used for mocha and other frameworks.


Torchjs is an excellent unit testing framework for browser environment.

gif demo

UI Recorder

UI Recorder

UI Recorder is a zero cost UI test case recorder like Selenium IDE.

Source Code

Source code is maintained in different repos within macacajs.

It is recommended to get started from the official site, since there are many repos in macacajs.

Help and Support


The MIT License (MIT)

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