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@yanlinly yanlinly released this Jan 22, 2019 · 301 commits to master since this release

This is pre-ga version

  • Support Login (default user and password is nacos/nacos)
  • Support prometheus
  • Naming service support namespace
  • Add users/roles tables
	username varchar(50) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
	password varchar(500) NOT NULL,
	enabled boolean NOT NULL

	username varchar(50) NOT NULL,
	role varchar(50) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO users (username, password, enabled) VALUES ('nacos', '$2a$10$EuWPZHzz32dJN7jexM34MOeYirDdFAZm2kuWj7VEOJhhZkDrxfvUu', TRUE);

INSERT INTO roles (username, role) VALUES ('nacos', 'ROLE_ADMIN');

  • Bugfix list
    [#162] Support open metrics and prometheus
    [#268] Health check is performed in the Nacos startup script
    [#320] Nacos supports multiple configuration files, configuration template abstraction and inheritance
    [#333] Use nacos in k8s to get hostname exception
    [#335] update docker img priority/low
    [#339] Project language problem identified in github
    [#381] Discuss:How to support Login
    [#397] Some questions for Nacos
    [#402] When the configuration is added or edited, the edit box will not come out 
    [#462] Nacos monitor discuss (0.8 version)
    [#496] Warning log printing when quering a nonexistent service
    [#497] Make subscription of service triggered by getInstance method optional
    [#498] Support namespace for service discovery
    [#499] When the configuration is newly created (if data-id and group already exist), the original configuration will be overwritten
    [#512] nacos-logs start.out always print 8848 (but port can be changed)
    [#514] Nacos 0.7 not support namespace
    [#523] Add a switch to control server detection and client reporting heartbeat switching
    [#526] Possible data loss in server side health check mode
    [#527] Many repeat client beat tasks can be generated
    [#558] Enable access log recording by default 
    [#560] Nacos server startup issues
    [#579] New API support - “update health in none health check mode through api”
    [#587] Client sends request concurrently
    [#592] Service restful interface put/post is reversed
    [#599] getSubscribeServices method gets services that were deregistered
    [#603] Format log of naming module 
    [#609] Always print a NPE log at start
    [#663] Nacos update instance info NPE
    [#668] 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT naming heartbeat not compatible with lower version client
    [#672] Startup.cmd bug
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