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Idea Plugin


  • Project JDK: 1.7+
  • Gradle: 3.0+(Require JDK1.8+ for gradle)


cd p3c-idea
gradle clean buildPlugin

Run plugin

cd p3c-idea
gradle runIde
# run specific IDEA
gradle runIde -Pidea_version=14.1.7

Use p3c-common as your plugin dependency

compile ''



Install from repositories

  1. Settings >> Plugins >> Browse repositories...

    Switch language

  2. Search plugin by keyword 'alibaba' then install 'Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines' plugin

    Switch language

  3. Restart to take effect.

Install from local zip file.

  1. Open and download the latest version zip file. download
  2. Settings >> Plugins >> Install plugin from disk...,select the downloaded zip file in previous step then restart your idea


  1. Switch language

    Switch language

  2. Inspections

    Real time


  3. Code Analyze


    We use the idea standard Inspection Results to show our violations.


    We can also analyze file which is modified before vcs checkin.

    Before Checkin


  1. 中文乱码解决方法

    • Appearance&Behavior -> Appearance -> UI Options -> Name 里面设置成微软雅黑(microsoft yahei light)


    • Switch Language to English and restart.

      Switch language