LDAP Authentication for Rails applications using Resourceful Authentication.
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= LDAP Authenticated

Add ldap authentication capabilities to an application that uses the restful 
authentication plugin.  It's been tested under MRI 1.8.6 and Jruby 1.1 under 
Rails 2.0.2 on OSX, Linux, and Windows 2003 Server.

== Basic Setup

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

The ldap_authenticated method adds functionality to the model to allow it to 
authenticate using an LDAP directory.  In order to figure out important peices
of information about how to authenticate, the model should provide methods
which return the information needed.

These methods are:
ldap_account_bootstrapping     - when set to true users will be auto-created in your application.
ldap_server                    - name or IP address of the LDAP server.
ldap_port                      - TCP port number of the LDAP sever
ldap_basedn                    - Base dn for searches (probably something like dc=company,dc=com)
ldap_binddn                    - DN for user to bind as for user searches
ldap_bindpw                    - password for searching authentication
ldap_user_key                  - ldap attribute for users (probably uid or samaccountname)

In addition to these methods, which should be provided by the User (or a config object -- read on), the
following options to ldap_authenticated are supported:


This is an insance of an object to use to retrieve config parameters.  By default, this is set to 
'self'.  This means that the methods mentioned above are expected to be on the User class.  If you'd
like to retrieve them from a configuration object or something you can set that using :config.


This is a proc or a symbol (naming a method) to run to bootstrap a user.  The proc is passed
an LDAP::Entry object, and a password.  Any action needed to boostrap a user should be performed
in this code.


This is a proc or symbol (naming a method) to run to see if the user qualifies for logging in.
If the code returs true, then the login is allowed.  If this returns false, it's not.  Note that
this check is performed in addition to regular user password authentication.  Use this method to
define extra policy (such as group membership) for a condition of loggin in.

This code will be passed one parameter, which is the users' entry as returned from LDAP.

For more information see LdapAuthenticated::ClassMethods::new_from_ldap.

== Example

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
	has_many :role_members
	has_many :roles, :through => role_members
		:login_requires => proc { |entry| entry.memberof.include? 'cn=somegroup,ou=groups,o=company.com' },
		:bootstrap_action => :bootstrap_ldap_user,
		:config => OpenStruct.new(
			:ldap_account_bootstrapping => true,
			:ldap_server                => 'dc1.company.com',
		    :ldap_port                  =>  389,
		    :ldap_basedn                => 'dc=company,dc=com',
		    :ldap_binddn                => 'cn=finder, ou=Users, dc=company, dc=com',
		    :ldap_bindpw:               => 'findersecret'

	def self.bootstrap_ldap_user(entry,password)