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A Ethereum smart contract visualiser
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An Ethereum-based smart contract visualiser

Etheroscope helps you monitor the state of smart contract variables over time.

Video presentations

Caching points online

Watch the video

User interface overview

Watch the video

To install backend on Linux

cd dev-scripts/local-work

To run this project on Linux

# in 1 terminal
cd backend
sh startBackend 
# in 2. terminal
cd frontend
sh startFrontend

go to localhost:8090

To run this project on Windows

cd dev-scripts
docker-compose up # run your MariaDB on Docker
geth --datadir ../geth-blockchains/fastRinkebyBlockchain console --rinkeby --rpc --nodiscover
node ../server.js
node ../services/index.js
ng serve --port 8090 # alias ng="C:/Users/ja1/AppData/Roaming/npm/node_modules/@angular/cli/bin/ng"
go localhost:8090
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