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Film Finder is small webpage to help a family member plan cinema visits.

This is based off the frustration that the current Cineworld website organises film times by individual day and not film title, meaning you can only see one day at a time. This makes it difficult to:

  • compare days to visit (choosing the most appropriate time for you based on the film you want to see)
  • decide which day is best to see more than one film at a time
  • plan visiting multiple times in a week (e.g. if you have a Cineworld Unlimited card)

This is used as a personal project to learn API calls, results display and how to table unknown-length returned data.

API key is from The List and returns all upcoming films at various Cineworlds in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Colour scheme uses colours from the Monokai Pro VSCode theme.

Results exclude:

  • subtitled, IMAX, 4DX 3D and SUPERSCREEN showings
  • event cinema films such as live ballet or plays

Personal learnings

  • how to use an environment variable for API key in local and prod
  • accessing JSON object properties
  • how to add headers to the API call
  • appropriate date formatting
  • constructing HTML elements in JavaScript