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πŸ‚ Displays various information about your Nintendo 3DS in pretty colors.
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Similar to Linux's screenfetch script, but unsigned and executed on a Nintendo 3DS. RSF file based off of this dummy RSF. Mainly developed as a method for learning 3DS homebrew toolkits, libraries, and build environments.


  • Pretty colors!
  • Cycle through text colors using the d-pad, and background colors using the L and R buttons
  • Press the A button to take a screenshot, saved to the SD card root as 3dfetch_day_month_year_x.jpg
  • All information dynamically grabbed from 3DS' hardware
  • New 3DS and old 3DS compatible
  • Press select for a configuration menu
  • Use in tandem with imgurup-3ds for an easy sharing experience


3dfetch running a New 3DS

3dfetch running on a New 3DS with Luma CFW.

A screenshot generated by 3dfetch on a New 3DS with Luma CFW.

Where to get it

Check the releases page for a CIA file / QR code. Or get it on TitleDB within FBI.

Optional configuration

3dfetch can optionally be configured by creating a file at the root of your SD card called 3dfetch.conf. At present, the following options are available:

showAnimation:true | false to enable/disable the little shell animation on startup.

showSplash:true | false to enable/disable the CFW splash on the bottom

showCFW:true | false to enable/disable CFW detection

Reporting issues

Is your CFW not being recognized properly? Is the amount of free space reported incorrectly? Or maybe you came across an error.

Create an issue on GitHub. Don't forget to add your CFW, what version you are on and which 3dfetch version/commit you were using.

Building from source


  • makerom to create the CIA.
  • 3ds-tool to recompile the ROM filesystem.
  • bannertool to create the banner and icon files.
  • A fork of lpp-3ds found here which includes expanded functionality. The compiled binary (lpp-3ds.elf) is included in the repository, we strongly suggest against attempts to compile it yourself, if such necessity arises, visit the forks repository for instructions.



Run make to build an installable CIA-file.


If you wish to use 3dfetch inside the Homebrew Launcher and thus require a 3dsx file, run make 3dfetch.3dsx instead and merge the /3ds folder with the one found on your SD card.

Network-sent 3dsx

If you would like to have 3dfetch be sent via network to your console, open up the Homebrew Launcher, press Y and run make 3dsx instead.

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