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Aaron's Dotfiles

I manage my dotfiles from macOS and Debian-based Linux machines simultaneously, so these dotfiles were written with compatibility in mind. The XDG Base Directory Specification was followed as much as possible.

Dotfiles managed with shallow-backup.

My default setup consists mainly of:

  • git
  • neovim
  • tmux
  • zsh

tmux / vim Demos

Tmux Demo Vim Demo Vim Demo Vim Demo Vim Demo Vim Demo Vim Demo Vim Demo


  • The ~/.zshenv file MUST be in the $HOME directory, however, the rest of the zsh config files live in ~/.config/zsh/.
  • These configs depend on a number of external programs which are not all documented in the dotfiles.
  • I highly recommend that you do not straight up copy these dotfiles. If you want to use them, read through them and understand how they work. Then take the parts of them that are relevant to your workflow.