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Deploy your static websites to Netlify.


This extension currently supports two tasks:

  • Install netlify-cli
  • Deploy the static website to Netlify

The logo used here belongs to Netlify.


Install Netlify CLI

This task installs the netlify-cli npm package to the agent.

  • Version: Specify the netlify-cli version. If omitted, it installs the latest version of netlify-cli. You can find a specific version at the page.

Deploy to Netlify

This task deploys the static website artifact to Netlify.

  • Authentication Token: (Required) Personal Access Token (PAT) of your Netlify account.
  • Site ID: (Required) Your Netlify site ID.
  • Source Directory: (Required) Your static website artifact directory. Default is $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory).
  • Validation Only: (Optional) If checked, the task only validates the deployment.
  • Deployment Message: (Optional) Short blurb for deployment log.
  • Functions Directory: (Optional) AWS Lambda functions directory.
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