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Schema Registry Sink

This library provides an interface (ISchemaSink) and an abstract class (SchemaSink) for schema registry so that other third-party sink providers follow the same design principles.

Currently, there are three official sinks available:

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When you plan to build a new sink, by extending SchemaSink, the new sink SHOULD target both net461 and netestandard2.0.


ISchemaSink and SchemaSink

As an interface, and as an abstract class, both ISchemaSink and SchemaSink declare the following properties and methods:

  • BaseLocation: Declares the base location where the sink is located. Default is string.Empty.
  • WithBaseLocation(string location): Adds the base location where the sink is located.
  • GetSchemaAsync(string path): Gets the JSON schema from the schema registry.
  • SetSchemaAsync(string schema, string path): Sets the JSON schema to the given path in the schema registry.

As SchemaSink is an abstract class, this MUST be inherited by other sinks. There are a few considerations when extending SchemaSink:

  • SchemaSink has two constructors – one without parameters and the other with string location that takes the base location of the sink. Therefore,
    • A new sink extending SchemaSink SHOULD implement both constructors, or
    • The new sink MUST implement at least the one with the string location parameter.
  • The new sink extending SchemaSink SHOULD override both GetSchemaAsync(string) and SetSchemaAsync(string, string) for further processing.
public class FakeSchemaSink : SchemaSink
    public FakeSchemaSink()

    public FakeSchemaSink(string location)
        : base(location)

    public override async Task<string> GetSchemaAsync(string path)
        // Implement logic here

        return schema;

    public override async Task<bool> SetSchemaAsync(string schema, string path)
        // Implement logic here

        return true;
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