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Schema Registry Console App for Local File System

This sample console application generates a JSON schema and stores it into a local file system through FileSystemSchemaSink.

Getting Started

  1. Choose the target framework – .NET Framework (4.6.1+) or .NET Core (2.1+).
  2. Choose the configuration – Debug or Release.
  3. Choose the base location of the local file system as the schema registry.
  4. Choose the file name and path representing the schema file to be stored.
  5. Run the following command based on the target framework and configuration.
    dotnet run . \
           --configuration Debug \
           --framework netcoreapp2.1 \
           -- \
           --blob-connectionstring [STORAGE_ACCOUNT_CONNECTION_STRING] \
           --blob-baseuri https://[STORAGE_ACCOUNT_INSTANCE_NAME] \
           --blob-container [BLOB_CONTAINER_NAME] \
           --file-baselocation /etc/schema-registry \
           --file-path v1/schema.json
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