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Rig your website to explode with potatoes using javascript!

GRAVITATOES.js is a small, flexible, and extensible, piece of javascript to rig your website to explode with potatoes!

Other than potato bursts, GRAVITATOES.js also offers the option to have constant falling potatoes. This is a suitable substitute for the popular javascript snow effect!

Features include:

  • Falling potatoes
  • A variation of "plop!" sounds for when the potatoes hit the bottom of your browser.
  • Works on mobile devices
  • These potatoes are ready for the modern web!

Click here for a live demo of GRAVITATOES

GRAVITATOES are easy to implement! Simply follow these following easy to follow steps:

  • Upload the "GRAVITATOES" folder to your server, in the same directory as the page you would like to rig.
  • Underneath your page's title tag add:
<script src="GRAVITATOES/GRAVITATOES.js"></script>
  • Then make a call to one of the following functions:
blowtato();//FOR A SHORT BURST

Use cases of blowtato() may include: your page's onload event, or tied to a button click event.


Snowtato also doubles up as a substitute for the rain effect. Use cases of snowtato() may include: your page's onload event, or tied to a button so that users may trigger the snow as they please.


This terminates the potatoes for maximum user experience. Some visitors may not take kindly to a website with potatoes, so this option is provided.

  • The easiest implementation of GRAVITATOES is to add the following in your pages onload event:
<body onload="snowtato();">

This is the recommended use case.

That's it! Your website is now rigged with potatoes!

GRAVITATOES are based on the critically unclaimed desktop app RELEASE_THE_POTATOES. An app that inundates your desktop with potatoes! This is the latest in potatoware. Click here to visit the website and learn more about it!