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(ns clj-ldap.test.client
"Automated tests for clj-ldap"
(:require [clj-ldap.client :as ldap])
(:require [clj-ldap.test.server :as server])
(:use clojure.test)
(:import [com.unboundid.ldap.sdk LDAPException]))
;; Tests are run over a variety of connection types
(def port* 8000)
(def ssl-port* 8001)
(def *connections* nil)
(def *conn* nil)
;; Tests concentrate on a single object class
(def base* "ou=people,dc=alienscience,dc=org,dc=uk")
(def dn* (str "cn=%s," base*))
(def object-class* #{"top" "person"})
;; Variable to catch side effects
(def *side-effects* nil)
;; Result of a successful write
(def success* [0 "success"])
;; People to test with
(def person-a*
{:dn (format dn* "testa")
:object {:objectClass object-class*
:cn "testa"
:sn "a"
:description "description a"
:telephoneNumber "000000001"
:userPassword "passa"}})
(def person-b*
{:dn (format dn* "testb")
:object {:objectClass object-class*
:cn "testb"
:sn "b"
:description "description b"
:telephoneNumber ["000000002" "00000003"]
:userPassword "passb"}})
(def person-c*
{:dn (format dn* "testc")
:object {:objectClass object-class*
:cn "testc"
:sn "c"
:description "description c"
:telephoneNumber "000000004"
:userPassword "passc"}})
(defn- connect-to-server
"Opens a sequence of connection pools on the localhost server with the
given ports"
[port ssl-port]
(ldap/connect {:host {:port port}})
(ldap/connect {:host {:address "localhost"
:port port}
:num-connections 4})
(ldap/connect {:host (str "localhost:" port)})
(ldap/connect {:ssl? true
:host {:port ssl-port}})
(ldap/connect {:host {:port port}
:connect-timeout 1000
:timeout 5000})
(ldap/connect {:host [(str "localhost:" port)
{:port ssl-port}]})
(ldap/connect {:host [(str "localhost:" ssl-port)
{:port ssl-port}]
:ssl? true
:num-connections 5})
(defn- test-server
"Setup server"
(server/start! port* ssl-port*)
(binding [*connections* (connect-to-server port* ssl-port*)]
(defn- test-data
"Provide test data"
(doseq [connection *connections*]
(binding [*conn* connection]
(ldap/add *conn* (:dn person-a*) (:object person-a*))
(ldap/add *conn* (:dn person-b*) (:object person-b*))
(catch Exception e))
(ldap/delete *conn* (:dn person-a*))
(ldap/delete *conn* (:dn person-b*))
(catch Exception e)))))
(use-fixtures :each test-data)
(use-fixtures :once test-server)
(deftest test-get
(is (= (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-a*))
(assoc (:object person-a*) :dn (:dn person-a*))))
(is (= (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-b*))
(assoc (:object person-b*) :dn (:dn person-b*)))))
(deftest test-add-delete
(is (= (ldap/add *conn* (:dn person-c*) (:object person-c*))
(is (= (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-c*))
(assoc (:object person-c*) :dn (:dn person-c*))))
(is (= (ldap/delete *conn* (:dn person-c*))
(is (nil? (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-c*)))))
(deftest test-modify-add
(is (= (ldap/modify *conn* (:dn person-a*)
{:add {:objectClass "residentialperson"
:l "Hollywood"}})
(is (= (ldap/modify
*conn* (:dn person-b*)
{:add {:telephoneNumber ["0000000005" "0000000006"]}})
(let [new-a (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-a*))
new-b (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-b*))
obj-a (:object person-a*)
obj-b (:object person-b*)]
(is (= (:objectClass new-a)
(conj (:objectClass obj-a) "residentialPerson")))
(is (= (:l new-a) "Hollywood"))
(is (= (set (:telephoneNumber new-b))
(set (concat (:telephoneNumber obj-b)
["0000000005" "0000000006"]))))))
(deftest test-modify-delete
(let [b-phonenums (-> person-b* :object :telephoneNumber)]
(is (= (ldap/modify *conn* (:dn person-a*)
{:delete {:description :all}})
(is (= (ldap/modify *conn* (:dn person-b*)
{:delete {:telephoneNumber (first b-phonenums)}})
(is (= (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-a*))
(-> (:object person-a*)
(dissoc :description)
(assoc :dn (:dn person-a*)))))
(is (= (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-b*))
(-> (:object person-b*)
(assoc :telephoneNumber (second b-phonenums))
(assoc :dn (:dn person-b*)))))))
(deftest test-modify-replace
(let [new-phonenums (-> person-b* :object :telephoneNumber)]
(is (= (ldap/modify *conn* (:dn person-a*)
{:replace {:telephoneNumber new-phonenums}})
(is (= (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-a*))
(-> (:object person-a*)
(assoc :telephoneNumber new-phonenums)
(assoc :dn (:dn person-a*)))))))
(deftest test-modify-all
(let [b (:object person-b*)
b-phonenums (:telephoneNumber b)]
(is (= (ldap/modify *conn* (:dn person-b*)
{:add {:telephoneNumber "0000000005"}
:delete {:telephoneNumber (second b-phonenums)}
:replace {:description "desc x"}})
(let [new-b (ldap/get *conn* (:dn person-b*))]
(is (= (set (:telephoneNumber new-b))
(set [(first b-phonenums) "0000000005"])))
(is (= (:description new-b) "desc x")))))
(deftest test-search
(is (= (set (map :cn
(ldap/search *conn* base* {:attributes [:cn]})))
(set [nil "testa" "testb" "Saul Hazledine"])))
(is (= (set (map :cn
(ldap/search *conn* base*
{:attributes [:cn] :filter "cn=test*"})))
(set ["testa" "testb"])))
(binding [*side-effects* #{}]
(ldap/search! *conn* base* {:attributes [:cn :sn] :filter "cn=test*"}
(fn [x]
(set! *side-effects*
(conj *side-effects* (dissoc x :dn)))))
(is (= *side-effects*
(set [{:cn "testa" :sn "a"}
{:cn "testb" :sn "b"}])))))
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