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(ns clj-ldap.client
"LDAP client"
(:refer-clojure :exclude [get])
(:require [clojure.string :as string])
(:import [com.unboundid.ldap.sdk
(:import [com.unboundid.util.ssl
;;======== Helper functions ====================================================
(defn- create-connection
"Create an LDAPConnection object"
[{:keys [address port ssl? trust-store
reconnect? connect-timeout timeout]}]
(let [host (or address "localhost")
opt (LDAPConnectionOptions.)]
(when reconnect? (.setAutoReconnect opt true))
(when connect-timeout (.setConnectTimeoutMillis opt connect-timeout))
(when timeout (.setResponseTimeoutMillis opt timeout))
(if ssl?
(let [trust-manager (if trust-store
(TrustStoreTrustManager. trust-store)
ssl-util (SSLUtil. trust-manager)]
(LDAPConnection. (.createSSLSocketFactory ssl-util)
(or port 636)))
(LDAPConnection. opt host (or port 389)))))
(defn- ldap-result
"Converts an LDAPResult object into a clojure datastructure"
(let [rc (.getResultCode obj)]
[(.intValue rc) (.getName rc)]))
(defn- extract-attribute
"Extracts [:name value] from the given attribute object. Converts
the objectClass attribute to a set."
(let [k (keyword (.getName attr))]
(= :objectClass k) [k (set (vec (.getValues attr)))]
(> (.size attr) 1) [k (vec (.getValues attr))]
:else [k (.getValue attr)])))
(defn- set-entry-kv!
"Sets the given key/value pair in the given entry object"
[entry-obj k v]
(let [name-str (name k)]
(.addAttribute entry-obj
(if (coll? v)
(Attribute. name-str (into-array v))
(Attribute. name-str (str v))))))
(defn- set-entry-map!
"Sets the attributes in the given entry object using the given map"
[entry-obj m]
(doseq [[k v] m]
(set-entry-kv! entry-obj k v)))
(defn- create-modification
"Creates a modification object"
[modify-op attribute values]
(coll? values) (Modification. modify-op attribute (into-array values))
(= :all values) (Modification. modify-op attribute)
:else (Modification. modify-op attribute (str values))))
(defn- modify-ops
"Returns a sequence of Modification objects to do the given operation
using the contents of the given map."
[modify-op modify-map]
(for [[k v] modify-map]
(create-modification modify-op (name k) v)))
(defn- modify-incs
"Returns a sequence of Modification objects that increment the given
(if attributes
(if (coll? attributes)
(map #(Modification. ModificationType/INCREMENT %) attributes)
[(Modification. ModificationType/INCREMENT attributes)])))
(defn- get-modify-request
"Sets up a ModifyRequest object using the contents of the given map"
[dn modifications]
(let [adds (modify-ops ModificationType/ADD (modifications :add))
deletes (modify-ops ModificationType/DELETE (modifications :delete))
replacements (modify-ops ModificationType/REPLACE
(modifications :replace))
incs (modify-incs (modifications :increment))]
(ModifyRequest. dn (into-array (concat adds deletes replacements incs)))))
;;=========== API ==============================================================
(defn connect
"Connects to an ldap server and returns a, thread safe, LDAPConnectionPool.
Options is a map with the following entries:
:address Address of server, defaults to localhost
:port Port to connect to, defaults to 389 (or 636 for ldaps)
:bind-dn The DN to bind as, optional
:password The password to bind with, optional
:num-connections The number of connections in the pool, defaults to 1
:ssl? Boolean, connect over SSL (ldaps), defaults to false
:trust-store Only trust SSL certificates that are in this
JKS format file, optional, defaults to trusting all
:reconnect? Boolean, automatically reopen closed connections,
defaults to false
:connect-timeout The timeout for making connections (milliseconds),
defaults to 1 minute
:timeout The timeout when waiting for a response from the server
(milliseconds), defaults to 5 minutes
(let [{:keys [bind-dn password num-connections]} options
connection (create-connection options)
bind-result (.bind connection bind-dn password)]
(if (= ResultCode/SUCCESS (.getResultCode bind-result))
(LDAPConnectionPool. connection (or num-connections 1))
(throw (LDAPException. bind-result)))))
(defn get
"If successful, returns a map containing the entry for the given DN.
Returns nil if the entry doesn't exist or cannot be read."
[connection dn]
(if-let [result (.getEntry connection dn)]
(let [attrs (seq (.getAttributes result))]
(apply hash-map
(mapcat extract-attribute attrs)))))
(defn add
"Adds an entry to the connected ldap server. The entry is assumed to be
a map."
[connection dn entry]
(let [entry-obj (Entry. dn)]
(set-entry-map! entry-obj entry)
(.add connection entry-obj))))
(defn modify
"Modifies an entry in the connected ldap server. The modifications are
a map in the form:
{:attribute-a some-value
:attribute-b [value1 value2]}
{:attribute-c :all
:attribute-d some-value
:attribute-e [value1 value2]}
{:attibute-d value
:attribute-e [value1 value2]}
:increment [:attribute-f attribute-g]}
[connection dn modifications]
(let [modify-obj (get-modify-request dn modifications)]
(.modify connection modify-obj))))
(defn delete
"Deletes the given entry in the connected ldap server"
[connection dn]
(let [delete-obj (DeleteRequest. dn)]
(.delete connection delete-obj))))
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