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clj-ldap is a thin layer on the unboundid sdk and allows clojure programs to talk to ldap servers.


(ns example
  (:require [clj-ldap.client :as ldap]))

(let [connection (ldap/connect {:address ""})]
   (ldap/get connection "cn=dude,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com"))

;; Returns a map such as
{:gidNumber "2000"
 :loginShell "/bin/bash"
 :objectClass #{"inetOrgPerson" "posixAccount" "shadowAccount"}
 :mail ""
 :sn "Dudeness"
 :cn "dude"
 :uid "dude"
 :homeDirectory "/home/dude"}


connect [options]

Connects to an ldap server and returns a, thread safe, LDAPConnectionPool. Options is a map with the following entries: :address Address of server, defaults to localhost :port Port to connect to, defaults to 389 :bind-dn The DN to bind as, optional :password The password to bind with, optional :num-connections The number of connections in the pool, defaults to 1 :ssl? Boolean, connect over SSL (ldaps), defaults to false :trust-store Only trust SSL certificates that are in this JKS format file, optional, defaults to trusting all certificates :reconnect? Boolean, automatically reopen closed connections, defaults to false :connect-timeout The timeout for making connections (milliseconds), defaults to 1 minute
:timeout The timeout when waiting for a response from the server (milliseconds), defaults to 5 minutes

For example: (ldap/connect conn {:address "" :num-connections 10})

get [connection dn]

If successful, returns a map containing the entry for the given DN. Returns nil if the entry doesn't exist or cannot be read.

(ldap/get conn "cn=dude,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com")

add [connection dn entry]

Adds an entry to the connected ldap server. The entry is map of keywords to values which can be strings, sets or vectors.

(ldap/add conn "cn=dude,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com"
               {:objectClass #{"top" "person"}
                :cn "dude"
                :sn "a"
                :description "His dudeness"
                :telephoneNumber ["1919191910" "4323324566"]})

modify [connection dn modifications]

Modifies an entry in the connected ldap server. The modifications are a map in the form: {:add {:attribute-a some-value :attribute-b [value1 value2]} :delete {:attribute-c :all :attribute-d some-value :attribute-e [value1 value2]} :replace {:attibute-d value :attribute-e [value1 value2]} :increment [:attribute-f attribute-g]}

All the keys in the map are optional e.g:

 (ldap/modify conn "cn=dude,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com"
              {:add {:telephoneNumber "232546265"}})

delete [connection dn]

Deletes the entry with the given DN on the connected ldap server.

 (ldap/delete conn "cn=dude,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com")
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