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(ns signup
"Example of form-dot-clj - a signup form"
(:use hiccup.core) ;; Optional
(:use form-dot-clj)
(:use form-dot-clj.html-controls))
(def-field username
[:maxlength 20]
[:pattern "\\w+" "Only alphanumeric characters please"]
[:no-match #"(?i)(root|admin)" "Sorry that username is reserved"])
(def-field first-name [:maxlength 50])
(def-field last-name [:maxlength 50])
(def-field email [:type :email
"Sorry, we cannot handle that email address"])
(def-field password [:maxlength 50])
(defn confirm-password
"A user defined validation function."
[params errors]
(if-not (= (params "confirm-password")
(params "password"))
{:password "Password and confirmation are not the same."}
(def-form signup
{:size 20 :required true :check-fns [confirm-password]}
:username (textbox username)
:first-name (textbox first-name)
:last-name (textbox last-name {:required false})
:email (textbox email)
:password (textbox password {:type "password"})
:confirm-password (textbox password {:type "password"}))
;;==== The easy way to display a form ==========================================
(defn sign-up-form-1
"The easy way to display a form"
[params errors]
[:form {:action "/signup" :method "post"}
(show-controls signup params errors)
(default-submit "Sign Up")]))
;;==== Display a form with control over some of the HTML =======================
(defn format-control
"Returns the HTML for a control on a form."
[label control-html error]
[:label label] control-html
(if error [:span.error error])))
(defn sign-up-form-2
"With formating of each control"
[params errors]
[:form {:action "/signup" :method "post"}
(show-controls signup params errors format-control)
[:label][:input {:type "submit" :value "Sign Up"}]]))
;;==== Display a form and layout manually ======================================
(defn error-fn
"A function that formats errors"
[:span.error error])
(defn sign-up-form-3
"Displays the sign-up form"
[params errors]
[:form {:action "/signup" :method "post"}
[:label "Username"] (show signup :username params)
(on-error errors :username error-fn)
[:label "First Name"] (show signup :first-name params)
(on-error errors :first-name error-fn)
[:label "Last Name"] (show signup :last-name params)
(on-error errors :last-name error-fn)
[:label "Email"] (show signup :email params)
(on-error errors :email error-fn)
[:label "Password"] (show signup :password params)
(on-error errors :password error-fn)
[:label "Confirm Password"] (show signup :confirm-password params)
(on-error errors :confirm-password error-fn)
[:input {:type "submit" :value "Sign Up"}]]))
;;==== Handle a post ===========================================================
(defn create-user
"A real version of this function would write to db etc"
(defn sign-up-post-1
"The easy way to handle a post"
(on-post signup params create-user sign-up-form-1))
(defn sign-up-post-3
"Handle a post with more detail"
(let [[validated errors] (validate signup params)]
(if errors
(sign-up-form-1 params errors)
(create-user validated))))