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This repository contains slight modifications to the gulp starter project.

Starter Gulp + Browserify project with Ractive support and examples of how to accomplish some common tasks and workflows. Read the blog post for more context.

Includes the following tools, tasks, and workflows:

  • Ractive js
  • Precompiled Ractive templates with Ractivate
  • Browserify (with browserify-shim)
  • Watchify (caching version of browserify for super fast rebuilds)
  • jQuery (from npm)
  • LiveReload
  • Static Server
  • Image optimization
  • Error Notifications in Notification Center

If you've never used Node or npm before, you'll need to install Node.

Install Gulp Globally

Gulp must be installed globally in order to use the command line tools. You may need to use sudo

npm install -g gulp

Install npm dependencies

npm install

This runs through all dependencies listed in package.json and downloads them to a node_modules folder in your project directory.

Run gulp and be amazed.


This will create and run the task defined in gulpfile.js.