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fastlyctl is a utility which can be used to interact with and manage your Fastly service configuration. The most notable subcommand of fastlyctl is push, which can be used to synchronize Fastly settings with definitions in a local config file.

This utility is still in heavy development. It may break your production environment, so please use extreme caution.



Use to push remote service configurations with settings defined in a local config file.

By default, will read config.toml in CWD. You can specify alternate files names with the -c flag. Can take in either json or toml files. The suffix of the file must be either json or toml.

The push command will by default prompt to activate any changes made to a service. push can be made to automatically apply changes with the -y flag. Example usage:

fastlyctl push SomeServiceName

For further info, run fastlyctl push -h.

config file

The config file can have defaults set in the _default_ service. These defaults will apply to all other specified services, unless explicitly overridden in those services. Of note, the _default_ service does not merge arrays of instances. If you override a single instance of a definition, such as a backend, you must re-specify all backend instances for that service.

Some configuration parameters may contain tokens that are replaced during processing. For example, the 'servicename' token within a Domain.Name will be replaced by the name of a given service.

TODO: Document all replacements.

Example config.toml file:


     DefaultTTL = 3600

     Name = "_servicename_"

# If service name contains a period, it must be quoted

     Name = "_servicename_"

     Name = "*._servicename_"


For further info, run fastlyctl service -h.


For further info, run fastlyctl version -h.