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2MA Verifying Voice Commands via Two Microphone Authentication.pdf
A Data Oblivious File System for Intel SGX.pdf
Abstract Algebra.pdf
Beat-PIN A User Authentication Mechanism forWearable Devices Through Secret Beats.pdf
Broken Fingers_On the Usage of the Fingerprint API in Android.pdf
Can You Trust Your Encrypted Cloud An Assessment of SpiderOakONE’s Security.pdf
Communication Security of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.pdf
Every step you take I_ll be watching you_ Practical StepAuth-ent.pdf
Passwords in the Air Harvesting Wi-Fi Credentials from SmartCfg Provisioning.pdf
The Random Forest based Detection of Shadowsock's Traffic.pdf
ZeroTrace Oblivious Memory Primitives from Intel SGX.pdf
wireless network security.pdf


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