@khaledhosny khaledhosny released this Dec 29, 2017 · 47 commits to master since this release

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  • Drop TTF files from the web fonts archive, WOFF and WOFF2 should be all one
    needs now.
  • Cosmetic changes to the CSS snippet.
  • Fix kerning of the new Kaf glyphs introduced in the previous release.
  • Add a font table document for the Quran font since it has different character coverage.
  • Removed the ccmp feature composing decomposed Latin base/accent combinations supported by the font. HarfBuzz does this in a bit smarter way, users of other engines can apply Unicode normalization to the input text if this is needed.
  • Fix wrong glyph class for U+0674 ARABIC LETTER HIGH HAMZA, causing it to be incorrectly treated as a zero width mark, #138.
  • Drop localized Arabic names from the font (like style names), their support in application is spotty, also it is a bit Ugly to have the font presented with mixed language name, e.g. “Amiri عادي”, in some applications under Arabic locales.
  • Allow Kashida around floating Hamza, #137,
  • Colorize Hamza above mark in colored Quran font, #136.
  • Change the shape of Damma used in U+06C7 & U+0677, #123.
  • Other smaller fixes.
  • OpenType layout tables are now compiled with FontTool’s feaLib instead of my FontForge fork. This is an attempt to make building the fonts from source simpler for others and more predictable.
  • The font can now be built with Python 3, by calling make PY2=python3.
  • The font can be also built with upstream FontForge now, though the result might be slightly different from the pre-built fonts.