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Releases: aliftype/amiri

Version 1.000

03 Dec 19:40
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This is the final version of Amiri fonts, no more development is expected

  • Slanted fonts have been renamed Italic since this is less confusing.
  • Minor fixes.

Amiri 0.900

05 Oct 18:37
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This release is in preparation for frozen 1.0 release.

  • Remove zero-width Kashida hack needed for LibreOffice < 7.5, with this release Kashida justification should be enabled for LibreOffice >= 7.5.
  • The font sources are now in Glyphs format, FontForge is no longer used for editing the sources.
  • Remove the uyghur-hyphen PUA glyph.
  • Drop U+030A and U+0325 that were misused for Quranic symbols, and add U+08D1.
  • Localize stylistic set names.
  • Make medial hamza work with lam-alef ligature.

Amiri 0.117

01 Jul 11:49
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Fix erroneously colored glyphs in Amiri Quran Colored.

Amiri 0.116

25 Jun 06:57
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Fix missing dot colors in Amiri Quran Colored, a regression from 0.115 release.

Amiri 0.115

23 Jun 18:46
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التغييرات في هذه الإصدارة

  • تحسينات مختلفة لملاقاة معايير الجودة في خطوط جوجل.
  • تحسين تموضع الهمزة الصغيرة تحت الألف المقصورة.
  • دعم الخط العلوي في كل الخطوط وليس خطوط القرآن فقط.
  • إضافة المحارف اللاتينية الأساسية للخطوط القرآنية.

Changes in this release

  • Various technical fixes for Google Fonts QA.
  • Improvements to small hamza position below alef maksura.
  • Support extensible overline for all fonts, not only Quran ones.
  • Add minimal set of Latin glyphs to Quran fonts.

Amiri 0.114

08 Mar 15:53
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التغييرات في هذه الإصدارة

  • استخدام مربع حدود الخط لقيم OS/2.usWinAscent و OS/2.usWinDescent.
  • تحسين أرقام الكسور
  • تحسين تموضع الفتحة فوق الضمة (#200).
  • إضافة علامة نهاية الخطاب (U+061D).
  • إضافة علامتي الجنيه والقرش (U+0890–0891).
  • ملفات التوثيق صارت بصيغة HTML.
  • جعل البدائل العربية من المحارف المشتركة هي المبدئية، وجعل الأشكال اللاتينية بدائل عنها.
  • جعل المزيد من المحارف المشتركة غير مائلة في الخطوط المائلة.
  • جعل شكل الكاف ذات الحلقة التحتية (U+06AB) مستمدا من الكاف الفارسية لا العربية (#196).
  • دعم علامات التشكيل فوق ألف الوصل (#186).
  • إصلاح تداخل النقاط في كلمة ”الحجى“ (#192).
  • إصلاح الحروف التي تستخدم الهمزة العالية (#173).
  • إصلاح تداخل علامات التشكيل في ”يِحِ يِحٍ يٍحِ يٍحٍ“ (#162).
  • إصلاح تداخل علامات التشكيل في ”لَله“ (#184).
  • إصلاح البسملة في الخط القرآني الملون.
  • إضافة دعم الفاصلة والفاصلة المنقوطة المعكوستين (U+2E41 و U+204F).
  • إضافة دعم المحارف U+08BB–08BD.
  • إصلاح موضع النقطة التحتية في حرف الفاء بنقطق فوقية وتحتية (U+06A3).
  • دعم وضع الألف الخنجرية فوق المسافة الضيقة غير القاطعة (#217).
  • إصلاح انعكاس شكل علامتي يمين إلى يسار ويسار إلى يمين.
  • إصلاح موضع الفتحة فوق الهمزة الصغيرة (#227).

Changes in this release

  • Use font bounding box for OS/2.usWinAscent and OS/2.usWinDescent.
  • Improve fraction digits.
  • Improve fatha on damma (#200).
  • Documentation is now in HTML format.
  • Arabic variants of common characters are now the default, and Latin variants are the localized alternates.
  • More common characters are now upright in the slanted fonts.
  • Make ARABIC LETTER KAF WITH RING (U+06AB) use gaf not kaf form (#196).
  • Support marks over Alef Wasla (#186).
  • Fix mark collision in “الحجى” ‎(#192).
  • Fix legacy characters that has high hamza (#173).
  • Fix mark collision in “يِحِ يِحٍ يٍحِ يٍحٍ” ‎(#162).
  • Fix mark collision in “لَله” ‎(#184).
  • Fix basmala in Amiri Quran Colored.
  • Support reversed comma and semicolon (U+2E41 and U+204F).
  • Add U+08BB–08BD.
  • Fix below dot position in ARABIC LETTER FEH WITH DOT BELOW (U+06A3).
  • Allow narrow no break space as base for small alef (#217).
  • Fix swapped LRM and RLM glyphs.
  • Fix fatha position over small hamza above (#227).

Amiri 0.113

02 Jun 19:51
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  • Add U+08BA, U+08B6, U+08B7, U+08B8, and U+08B9.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Add ligature carets to Latin ligatures.
  • Building the fonts no longer requires FontForge.

Amiri 0.112

29 Sep 20:58
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  • Fix dot below (U+065C) and make it rounded not rectangular.
  • Add an Amiri.fontspec file for use with LaTeX fontspec package (#139).
  • Make the build reproducible.
  • Fix some misplaced Latin accents.
  • Add alternate comma and semicolon for Sindhi and Malay, and can be enabled with “ss08” feature as well (#145).
  • Fix Rohingya tones positioning a bit (#155).
  • Don’t make rounded guillemots the default as they are meant to be only for Arabic.
  • Make narrow no break space as wide as thin space (#177).
  • Fix handling of several Quranic small letters to follow latest Unicode recommendations.

Amiri 0.111

29 Dec 22:52
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  • Drop TTF files from the web fonts archive, WOFF and WOFF2 should be all one
    needs now.
  • Cosmetic changes to the CSS snippet.
  • Fix kerning of the new Kaf glyphs introduced in the previous release.
  • Add a font table document for the Quran font since it has different character coverage.
  • Removed the ccmp feature composing decomposed Latin base/accent combinations supported by the font. HarfBuzz does this in a bit smarter way, users of other engines can apply Unicode normalization to the input text if this is needed.
  • Fix wrong glyph class for U+0674 ARABIC LETTER HIGH HAMZA, causing it to be incorrectly treated as a zero width mark, #138.
  • Drop localized Arabic names from the font (like style names), their support in application is spotty, also it is a bit Ugly to have the font presented with mixed language name, e.g. “Amiri عادي”, in some applications under Arabic locales.
  • Allow Kashida around floating Hamza, #137,
  • Colorize Hamza above mark in colored Quran font, #136.
  • Change the shape of Damma used in U+06C7 & U+0677, #123.
  • Other smaller fixes.
  • OpenType layout tables are now compiled with FontTool’s feaLib instead of my FontForge fork. This is an attempt to make building the fonts from source simpler for others and more predictable.
  • The font can now be built with Python 3, by calling make PY2=python3.
  • The font can be also built with upstream FontForge now, though the result might be slightly different from the pre-built fonts.

Amiri 0.110

19 Dec 23:18
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  • New Glyphs

    • Alternate glyph for U+1EE13 ARABIC MATHEMATICAL REH.
    • Localized Kashmiri digits.
    • Alternate Kaf when followed by medial Heh
  • Fixes:

    • Fix rendering of Amiri Quran Colored on Windows.
    • Improve Hamza below positioning in Amiri Quran.
    • Make U+0608 ARABIC RAY look like نق not just ق.
    • Make U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT the same width as space.
    • Keep exclamation mark upright in slanted fonts.
    • Make the الله combination work in better in some faulty applications.
    • Allow فالله/بالله/تالله/والله to take the special form.
    • Improve U+0674 ARABIC LETTER HIGH HAMZA by making it bigger and not
      zero-width, since it is a variant of Hamza and not a combining mark.
    • Improve the design of U+0600 ARABIC NUMBER SIGN to derive from the Urdu
      word نمرة.
    • Improve small Noon placement over Kashida.
    • Allow marks over small Yeh and Noon.
    • Greatly improve the handling of curvilinear Kashida.
    • Disable “لبمـ” and “ببحـ” combinations in Quran font.
  • New features:

    • Add ss07 to disable curvilinear Kashida.
    • Small improvements to the documentation.