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Neateqn is an eqn Neatroff preprocessor for typesetting mathematics.
It implements most of the extensions introduced by Groff's eqn
preprocessor.  More information about Neateqn and Neatroff is
available at

The following lines instruct Neateqn to use Computer Modern font for
brackets and radicals:

  .fp 11 CMSY CMSY10
  .fp 12 CMEX CMEX10
  .fspecial R CMSY CMEX

You can also redefine other symbols to use Computer Modern glyphs,
like those for summation and product:

  define sum @{vcenter roman "\N'summationdisplay'"}@
  define tsum @{vcenter roman "\N'summationtext'"}@
  define prod @{vcenter roman "\N'productdisplay'"}@
  define tprod @{vcenter roman "\N'producttext'"}@

Neateqn uses TeX's text styles for inline equations, which make inline
equations more compact.  However, it does not provide smallover, which
is available in Groff's eqn.  Instead, in neateqn one can define a
more general macro like the following:

  define small @size -4@

Which can be used as $tsum sub i=0 sup n small {left ( pile {n above i} right )}$.