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Neatrefer troff preprocessor is a small refer clone for managing
bibliographic references.  It assumes that each record in the database
has an 'L' key, which specifies the label of the record.  When
referencing, only this key is looked up among the records in the
database.  Therefore, Neatrefer is not compatible with the original

Citing in Neatrefer can be done by including the label of the record
between .[ and .] request lines.  In addition, other citation macros
can be defined using -o option.  For example with -ocite option,
the record with label utp87 can be cited as follows:

  .cite utp87
  \*[cite utp87]

When using numbered citation style Neatrefer replaces them with the
following lines:

  .cite 1
  \*[cite 1]

And when using author-year citation style (-a option), Neatrefer
replaces them with with the following lines (after the citation macro,
publication date, the number of authors, and last names of the authors

  .cite 1987 2 Dougherty O'Reilly
  \*[cite 1987 2 Dougherty O'Reilly]

With -m option, Neatrefer allows multiple references in a single
citation, as a comma separated list of labels; refer tries to use
reference intervals for them if possible (-a and -m cannot be used