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UERANSIM (pronounced "ju-i ræn sɪm"), is the open source state-of-the-art 5G UE and RAN (gNodeB) simulator. UE and RAN can be considered as a 5G mobile phone and a base station in basic terms. The project can be used for testing 5G Core Network and studying 5G System.

UERANSIM introduces the world's first and only open source 5G-SA UE and gNodeB implementation.

WARNING: I'm no longer active in the development of UERANSIM. However community contributions are welcomed.

Current Status

Basic functionalities of UE and gNodeB are fully functional and ready to use. However some of the features are not complete. More details can be found at Feature Set.

On the other hand, UERANSIM does not fully provide physical layer. 5G-NR radio interface is partially implemented, and simply simulated over UDP protocol.

OS Linux OS Linux OS Linux


You can find the documentation on UERANSIM Wiki.

And, since the project is rapidly developing, please make sure that you have always the latest UERANSIM.


Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated via Pull Request.


You can support UERANSIM by:

  • Starring the GitHub repository,
  • Donating on Open Collective
  • Creating pull requests, submitting bugs, suggesting new features or documentation updates.


Copyright (c) 2023 ALİ GÜNGÖR.

All source code and related files including documentation and wiki pages are dual licensed with GPL-3.0 and a commercial license.

Commercial usage of UERANSIM is not permitted with the GPL-3.0. If that license is not compatable with your use case, please contact to buy a commercial license.