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RunCloud Let's Encrypt Automation on Free /Paid Plan
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RunCloud Let's Encrypt Automation on Free /Paid Plan

Install Let's Encrypt Free SSL on servers Free/Paid Plan.

Login to Server Via Putty, Make Sure You Login as "root". You can become Root User by:

sudo su


pip install freessl


pip uninstall freessl


usage: PROG [-h] [-i {all}] [-u {all}] [-r] [-a {disable,enable}]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i, --install
                        Install SSL certificate on an app or on all available
                        apps. Provide the target app name or type all to
                        install SSL on all apps.
  -u, --uninstall
                        Uninstall SSL certificate from an app or from all
                        available apps.
  -r, --renew           Renew all installed SSl certificates.
  -a {disable,enable}, --autopilot {disable,enable}
                        Enable or disable auto-pilot mode.


To install SSL on all available apps:

freessl -i all

And to install SSL on a specific app:

freessl -i appname

Autopilot mode automatically retrieves and installs SSL certificates on your new apps without needing you to sign in and run the install command.

To enable autopilot mode:

freessl -a enable

and to disable autopilot mode

freessl -a disable

To uninstall SSL certificate from all apps:

freessl -u all

And to uninstall SSL certificate from a specific app:

freessl -u appname
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