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Slice-aware Memory Management - Exploiting NUCA Characteristic of LLC in Intel Processors
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Slice-aware Memory Management

Applications can utilize our memory management scheme to improve their performance by allocating memory that is mapped to the most appropriate LLC slice(s), i.e., that have lower access latency. For more information, check out our paper and my talk at EuroSys'19.


git clone --recursive

Repository Organization

The description of different folders are as follows:

  • ./apps/ Contains applications for measuring access time to different LLC slices + Finding the mapping between different physical addresses & LLC slices.
  • ./cachedirector/ Implementation of CacheDirector on DPDK. More info can be found in here.
  • ./lib/ Contains libraries used to enable slice-aware memory management.
  • ./others/ Some useful information regarding the CAT and the mapping of core<->slice(s) for Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6134 (Skylake).
  • ./results/ Contains some of the results used in our paper.
  • ./workload/ Contains some sample access patterns (i.e., Uniform random and Zipf) and the source code for generating them.

Build & Run

  • To build applications and workload-generators, you can use the Makefile available in ./apps/ and ./workload/generator/.
  • For running each application, please make sure that you are passing the right arguments. More information can be found in source code.
  • For CacheDirector, please refer to here.

Citing our paper

If you use CacheDirector or slice-aware memory management in any context, please cite our paper:

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Getting Help

If you have any questions regarding our code or the paper, you can contact Amir Roozbeh (amirrsk at and/or Alireza Farshin (farshin at

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