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require Geometry;
operator InsideGeo<<<index>>>( Xfo inXfos[], io Size points_remaned[], SpatialQueryable target ) {
Vec3 position = inXfos[index].tr;
Vec3 scaling= Vec3(1,1,1);
Scalar distanceTolerance =1;
GeometryLocation location = target.getClosest(position, scaling, distanceTolerance);
// If the point is not inside the geometry add it to the list
if( !location.isValid() )
dfgEntry {
report("No Geometry was found to remove points!");
result = inXfos;
PolygonMesh target = mesh;
//Initialize options to use a sparse grid
GenericValueContainer options = GenericValueContainer();
//Prepare for one query per source point
target.prepareForSpatialQueries( inXfos.size(), options );
// Calculating the contact with subtract geometry
InsideGeo<<<inXfos.size()>>>( inXfos, outSidePoints, target );
// Creating a new list of point based on what is left
for(Size i = 0; i < outSidePoints.size(); i++){