A input manager that handle input from user for flash/haXe
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A input manager for flash/haXe

So you don't have to write addEventListener to get keyboard input or mouse input

You don't have to remember the keycode, just pass the string...

It's used like this...
In your main game loop, add Ctrl.instance.update(); in the end of the loop...

For a shortcut you can store the singleton instance in a local variable for quick access...

var c = Ctrl.instance;

For checking whether a key is just pressed, use like this


For a key is down


For a key is just released, use like this


For a key is up, use like this


The "theKey" is a string, it can be "A", "B", "c", "1", "F1", "BacKSpace", "[", "up", etc...
It's case insensitive, so UpperCase or LowerCase is work well...

For mouse handling

c.mouseLeave : a bool variable, to check if the mouse is in the swf or not
c.mouseDown : a bool variable, to check if the mouse is down or not
c.mousePressed : a bool variable, to check if the mouse is just pressed or not
c.mouseUp : a bool variable, to check if the mouse is up or not
c.mouseReleased : a bool variable, to check if the mouse is just released or not

c.mouseX : a float variable, indicate mouse X position
c.mouseY : a float variable, indicate mouse Y position
c.mouseWheel : a int variable, indicate the mouse wheel delta

And you can get the lastPressed key and lastReleased key too...

And... support key buffering, so you can track user input for several input.

And... check capsLock or numLock thingy

and another feature...
get justPressed character, usefull for text field thingy...
it will give you the just pressed char, it depends on whether you hold shift or capslock is on or off.