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3.X porting on 3.X serires alpha stage
cli 1.1.1
ifc install from cli
modules rga 1.01
packages 1.1.1
plugins install from cli Update
index.html 1.1.1 1.1.0 b 1.1.1
pkg_zoombie.xml 1.1.1 zoombie 4 joomla 3.0 series 1.1.1 zoombie JED package


A way to run scheduled task on joomla with CRON OR WEBCRON OR CLI


The Zoombie system plugin when alive check for little zoombies to run invoked by WEBCRON services like this free one

with CRON

you can schedule the CLI app for check for little zoombies to run

with CLI

you can run CLI app for check for little zoombies to run php cli2zoombie.php

the little zoombies

  • files backup

  • db backup

  • site md5 checksum

  • latest slicomments

  • users spam detector

  • Anti Malware scan script

  • DB tables optimize

  • Clean expired cache

  • Smart search indexer

  • Extension Update

  • Latest article

  • Latest user

  • Archive content

  • Link Checker

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