A Vagrant-based dev environment for developing Errbot plugins
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Dev environment for Errbot plugins

This project providers a simple Vagrant-based development environment for building Errbot plugins. It installs Errbot for you, and provides a lighweight configuration so that you can start developing right away.

It was developed as a companion project of my Adventures with Errbot blog series on alimac.io.

Requirements and recommendations

Download and install:

For keeping VirtualBox Guest Additions in sync, I recommend installing the vagrant-vbguest plugin:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest


Install any prerequisites listed in Requirements section.

Clone this project to your computer:

git clone https://github.com/alimac/errbot-dev.git

Build the ubuntu/trusty64 box:

cd errbot-dev/
vagrant up

First run might take a while if it has to download ubuntu/trusty64 box. After it's done:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant

Here you should see:

  • configuration file for Errbot (config.py)
  • directory called err-data/ where Err will store its plugin data and logs
  • err-plugins/ directory where you can develop plugins

You can update the configuration to use a particular backend, or run Errbot in text mode:

errbot -T

If you run errbot from another directory, specify the path to the configuration file:

errbot -T -c /vagrant/config.py

Errbot configuration

This project ships with very minimal configuration setup for Errbot. These are the variables that it sets:

BOT_DATA_DIR = '/vagrant/err-data'
BOT_EXTRA_PLUGIN_DIR = '/vagrant/err-plugins'
BOT_LOG_FILE = '/vagrant/err-data/err.log'