Terraform for launching a static website on S3
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Terraform for S3 Static Website

This is a set of Terraform files to set up a static website in AWS. It makes use of the following resources:

  • S3
  • Route53
  • CloudFront
  • Certificate Manager

The end result is a website that supports:

  • a primary and secondary domain (typically apex and www domains)
  • redirect from secondary to primary


  1. Install Terraform
  2. Configure your AWS profile
  3. git clone git@github.com:alimac/terraform-s3-static-website.git
  4. cd terraform-s3-static-website
  5. terraform apply

You will be prompted to provide values for primary and secondary domain.

In addition to typing values at the prompt, you can create a terraform.tfvars file:

primary_domain = "example.com"
secondary_domain = "www.example.com"

If AWS is not your domain registrar, you will need to set your domain's name servers to AWS name servers associated with your hosted zone. Terraform will output those automatically:


name_servers = [