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Stacks is an exploration of the Google App Engine stack.

The server will be written in Python. While Rodrigo Moraes’ work on tipfy and webapp-improved look interesting, we anticipate using webapp. The server will:

  1. use a scheduled task to initiate a URL Fetch
  2. pull data from a remote source with URL Fetch, save it to a datastore, and enqueue a task onto the task queue
  3. push tasks from the task queue to an application URL which will process the data and store the result in the datastore
  4. offer a RESTful interface to the result of the processed data through Google ProtoRPC
  5. rely on the Users API and app.yaml for authentication and authorization

The client will be written in JavaScript and use the Angular framework. It will:

  1. have resources that pull JSON from the Google ProtoRPC services
  2. display the data with @ng:repeat
  3. use Google Prediction API and Google Chart Tools to analyze and vizualize the data
  4. use Closure for controllers if appropriate