Openframeworks addon to pose Assimp skinned meshes with OpenNI
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Openframeworks addon to simplify posing Assimp bones with OpenNI joints.

Note this addon is not complete yet. Its
still needs community help to get bone joint
synchronization to work.

Installation :

- Get ofxAssimpModelLoader Addon
- Get ofxOpenNI Addon
- Clone this addon into your openframeworks/addon folder

  git clone [your_openframeworks_directory]/addons/ofxAssimpNISync/

- Add ofxAssimpModelLoader to your project
- Add ofxOpenNI to your project
- Drag ofxAssimpNISync/src folder to your favorite IDE

Usage :

- Create an instance of ofxAssimpNISync lets say assimpNISync
- create and instance of ofxAssimpNISyncModelLoader and load your model.
- call assimpNISync.setup with model loader and and openNI user generator.
- set new sync by calling syncBoneAndOpenNIJoint with bone name and associated mesh index, user id and finally OpenNI Joint
- call update
- draw model in draw call.

Tested with OF 007 Pre