An Openframeworks addon for working with Adobe Kuler Service
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	An OpenFrameworks addon to load/use Kuler color themes.
	All color theme requests are implemented. 
	Currently only HSV and RGB color modes are supported.
	Currently only theme loading related service methods are implemented.

	You will need to obtain API Key to use this service.
	Please check for more details. 


	- Clone this add-on into [your_openframeworks_path]/addons/ofxKuler
	- Add files in src/ to your project
	- Add ofxXmlSettings addon from
	[your_openframeworks_path]/addons/ to your project

	Create an instance
	ofxKuler kuler;

	Set API Key
	kuler.setAPIKey( "[your_api_key]" );

	call one of the methods you want to,
	let sey you want to add 10 popular themes
	kuler.addListingPopulars( 10 );

	Fetch loaded themes vector via getThemes()


	Currently kuler class does not offer an event mechanism (soon i plan to add)
	but you are welcome to check getThemes() in your update loop.

	You can call service methods at any time, if loader is busy,
	kuler class will add new requests into LIFO list (vector) to be
	processed later.