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Ruby wrapper for the GreenGoose API.


  • MRI 1.9 (or JRuby/rubinius in 1.9 mode)

Quick Start

If using Bundler (recommended), add to Gemfile:

gem 'greengoose'

Create a client object and authenticate with a username and password (signup).

client =
client.authenticate "username", "password"


client.actions.where(sensor_id: "00000130")
client.actions.where(sensor_id: "00000130", since_id: "2007240")
client.actions.where(sensor_id: "00000130", since_id: "2007240", limit: 5)

client.actions.where(basestation_id: "0050c2af10ff0000")

client.actions.where(basestation_id: "0050c2af10ff0000", sensor_type: :bike_snsr)
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