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Reflecticle Activity Feed

Reflecticle Growl Notification

Reflecticle Activity Feed shows new Reflecticle activity for your organization as Growl notifications or Mountain Lion Notification Center notifications.

Installation & Use

  1. Download the latest release on the GitHub Downloads Page.

  2. Create a ~/.reflecticle file with your Reflecticle API key.

    echo "abc123" > ~/.reflecticle
  3. Start Reflecticle Activity Feed from your Applications on the dock and leave it running in the background.

Growl vs. Notification Center

By default, Reflecticle Activity Feed sends notifications via Growl.

To use Mountain Lion Notification Center instead, focus the application and select Preferences from the menubar.

Reflecticle Activity Feed Preferences Menu Item

Select Notification Center from the dropdown:

Reflective Activity Feed Preferences

TODO & Known Bugs

  • Initials and links show up with HTML. The Reflecticle folks are working on having the API give back raw text instead of HTML.
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