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Growl or Notification Center notifications for your Reflecticle activity
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Reflecticle Activity Feed.xcodeproj
Reflecticle Activity Feed

Reflecticle Activity Feed

Reflecticle Growl Notification

Reflecticle Activity Feed shows new Reflecticle activity for your organization as Growl notifications (Mountain Lion Notification Center coming soon?).


Create a ~/.reflecticle file with your Reflecticle API key.

echo "abc123" > ~/.reflecticle

Then ...

  1. Open Reflecticle Activity Feed.xcodeproj in XCode
  2. Archive (Project -> Archive)
  3. Distribute ...
  4. Export as Application
  5. Don't Re-sign
  6. Save to your /Applications folder
  7. Run Reflecticle Activity Feed from Applications on the dock
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