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Growl or Notification Center notifications for your Reflecticle activity
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Reflecticle Activity Feed.xcodeproj
Reflecticle Activity Feed

Reflecticle Activity Feed

Reflecticle Growl Notification

Reflecticle Activity Feed shows new Reflecticle activity for your organization as Growl notifications.


Create a ~/.reflecticle file with your Reflecticle API key.

echo "abc123" > ~/.reflecticle

Then ...

  1. Open Reflecticle Activity Feed.xcodeproj in XCode
  2. Archive (Project -> Archive)
  3. Distribute ...
  4. Export as Application
  5. Don't Re-sign
  6. Save to your /Applications folder
  7. Run Reflecticle Activity Feed from Applications on the dock

TODO & Known Bugs

  • Initials and links show up with HTML. The Reflecticle folks are working on having the API give back raw text instead of HTML.
  • Mountain Lion Notification Center integration (instead of Growl?)
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