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******** DIY Magic Mirror LINUX Installation *********

Tested on UBUNTU 8 and 9

install-mirror.sh is a simple command line script that:

1. Installs the Synaptic ser2net package (serial proxy server) and sets it to run automatically on start-up
2. Copies /opt/DIY Magic Mirror/mirror/share/linux/ser2net.conf to /etc (this is the ser2net config file needed to run the magic mirror)
3. Sets the /opt/DIY Magic Mirror/mirror/mirror.xml file to write access

After running this script, you will be able to run the Magic Mirror program manually by clicking its icon

Follow these steps to setup the Magic Mirror program to startup automatically:

a. From Ubuntu menu bar, click < System > , < Preferences > , < Startup Applications >
b. Add a new item with this command line: '/opt/DIY Magic Mirror'/'mirror'/bin/'mirror'