PIXEL console version, java console app that can be used on Rasp Pi, PC, Linux, Mac
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pixel-console version

A PIXEL console application example. Console meaning java command line based where no GUI is required. This is useful for automating tasks on a dedicated computer like a Raspberry Pi for example.

This Java program uses the following libraries: IOIOLibPC - external httpclient-4.3.4.jar - located in the jar folder httpcore-4.3.2.jar - located in the jar folder

*** PIXEL: Console Version ***

Usage: pixel

Valid options are:

GIF MODE --gif=your_filename.gif Send this gif to PIXEL --write Puts PIXEL into write mode, default is streaming mode --superpixel change LED matrix to SUPER PIXEL 64x64 --16x32 change LED matrix to Adafruit's 16x32 LED matrix Ex. java -jar -Dioio.SerialPorts=COM14 pixel.jar --gif=tree.gif Ex. java -jar -Dioio.SerialPorts=COM14 pixel.jar --gif=tree.gif --superpixel --w rite

WEATHER MODE --zip=your_zip_code Non-US users should use woeid --woeid=your_woeid_code A numeric number that Yahoo uses to designate your location --forecast Displays tomorrow's weather conditions, defaults to current weather conditions if not specified Ex. java -jar -Dioio.SerialPorts=COM14 pixel.jar --zip=95050 Ex. java -jar -Dioio.SerialPorts=COM14 pixel.jar --zip=95050 --write

Omitting -Dioio.SerialPorts= may still work but will take longer for your computer to scan all ports to find PIXEL examples:

Windows: COM40 Mac: tty.usbmodem1412 Linux/Raspberry Pi: IOIO0

See http://ledpixelart.com/raspberry-pi/ for Rasp Pi setup instructions Type q to quite this program