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(Towards) Scalable Threshold Crypto: BLS threshold signatures with millions of signers and a scalable Distributed Key Generation (and VSS) protocol
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Build on Linux

Step zero is to clone this repo and cd to the right directory:

cd <wherever-you-cloned-libpolycrypto>

First, install deps using:


Then, set up the environment. This will store the built code in ~/builds/polycrypto/:

. scripts/linux/ release can also use debug, relwithdebug or trace as an argument for

To build:

..tests, benchmarks and any other binaries are automatically added to PATH but can also be found in

cd ~/builds/polycrypto/master/release/libpolycrypto/bin/

(or replace release with debug or whatever you used in

Useful scripts

There's a bunch of useful scripts in scripts/linux/:

  • plot-*.py for generating plots
  •,, for viewing CSV data in the terminal
  • for generating public parameters for the VSS/DKG code

Git submodules

This is just for reference purposes. No need to execute these. To fetch the submodules, just do:

git submodule init
git submodule update

For historical purposes, (i.e., don't execute these), when I set up the submodules, I did:

cd depends/
git submodule add git://
git submodule add git://
git submodule add git://
git submodule add

To update your submodules with changes from their upstream github repos, do:

git submodule foreach git pull origin master
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