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Counters Example

React-Native 0.45.1 & Redux 3.7.0 & React-Redux 5.0.5

This is a little bit more complex than my previous example, I added as many comments as I can so to prevent confusion. Take your time, there are a lot of things to read and understand. Open an issue if you need to clear something I will do my best to respond back.

about this example

This example demonstrates my way of using React-Native and Redux for making apps. I found that using Stateless components makes my code a lot cleaner and simpler. However, using stateless components are hard, you have to think a lot. But in long run it will pay of. trust me ;)

I'm not say that Class components are bad. I'm just saying that start with Stateless components first. If you can't find any other solution, then use the Class Component.

In this example, I'm using [ducks-modular-redux][] pattern with a small tweak. [ducks-modular-redux]: https://github.com/erikras/ducks-modular-redux

This example is also show casing how to use thunk. There is an action called incrementWithDelay. Check that one out.

Cheers, Ali