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A demo with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform and Google Cloud Vision API. You take a photo and the mobile application tells you what it is.

Here is a short video:


Read more in my blog about this demo.

Missing things

I didn't do some necessary things because this is a small demo.


Apache 2.0

Local development

RHMAP offers Node 0.10.0 as latest version (because of Openshift I think). However, Ionic requires Node 4.x. Thus, I used However, it is a bit messy. Won't document it here.

Wordnet service:
cd wordnet-service
npm install
node server.js

Available at

Vision service:
cd vision-service
npm install
GOOGLE_VISION_SERVICE_API_KEY="<api key you got from Google Developer console>" node server.js

Available at

Orchestrate cloud app:

Make sure wordnet and vision services are running first!

cd orchestrate
npm install
FH_SERVICE_MAP='{"nvssok5suaw3fgf3w7fppt3a":"", "jndexd635x46k6etfvwvtu7t":""}' node server.js

Available at

Cordova app:
n 4.4.0
npm install -g cordova ionic
cd cordova
npm install
bower install

# run on device / emaulator
ionic platform add android
ionic build android
ionic run android

# run on browser
ionic serve --live-reload

Connection to cloud doesn't work when you run on device. I didn't invest time in fixing this.

When you run on browser, you need to tell the app to connect the cloud app running locally. Thus, go to http://localhost:8100/?url=http://localhost:8010

Git repo structure

Every subfolder is a RHMAP Git repository. This repository uses them as Git subtrees.

Here is how I created this repo:

mkdir henryvision && cd henryvision
git init

git checkout -b master
git add
git commit -m "Added empty README"

# if you receive `fatal` error in the following, recheckout
git diff-index HEAD
git checkout master

# started with Ionic sample app template in RHMAP
git remote add -f fh-cordova
git subtree add --prefix=cordova/ fh-cordova master

# started with Cloud app template in RHMAP
git remote add -f fh-orchestrate
git subtree add --prefix=orchestrate/ fh-orchestrate master

# started with Barcode service template in RHMAP
git remote add -f fh-vision-service
git subtree add --prefix=vision-service/ fh-vision-service master

# started with Blank service template in RHMAP
git remote add -f fh-wordnet-service
git subtree add --prefix=wordnet-service/ fh-wordnet-service master

How to push an individual subtree to RHMAP:

git subtree push --prefix=wordnet-service/ fh-wordnet-service master
git subtree push --prefix=vision-service/  fh-vision-service master
git subtree push --prefix=orchestrate/ fh-orchestrate master
git subtree push --prefix=cordova/ fh-cordova master

How to pull and individual project from RHMAP:

git subtree pull --prefix=cordova fh-cordova master


A demo with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform and Google Cloud Vision API



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